Why seamless knitting is important in post-op bras.

Why seamless knitting is important in post-op bras.

After surgery, the treated area requires rest to heal optimally. One of the things that may have a negative impact on a successful healing is the location of seams in a post-op bra.

If located directly in the surgical area, a hard seam may irritate and scratch the swollen, bruised and sensitive skin and the consequence is an aching and irritated sensation. The skin irritation may lead to so much discomfort that the patient chooses not to wear the bra which will have a negative influence on the recovery period and the surgical result.

As seams also tend to cause wound irritation, they may leave the wound open for a longer period of time. With an open wound comes the risk of bacterial entry which will increase infection risk radically and wound infections often leave big and conspicuous scars. In the light of this, a seamless bra should always be first choice to create an optimal environment for a speedy wound healing, resulting in enhanced scar appearance.

That is also why Tytex’s post-op bras are designed to guarantee no seams in the wound/scar area or at any other critical places of the applied area. Omitting seams help obtain maximum skin friendliness and prevent pressure marks and irritation of skin and tissue. It may also result in a reduced recovery time.

All in all a seamless bra means faster healing, less scarring and higher patient comfort.

Tubular knitting technology ensures no seams.

All Carefix post-op bras are so-called 100% seamlessly knitted bras. As an example our Carefix post-op bras have no seams in the cup area, on the sides, on the back or between the under bust band and the cup. Furthermore, we do not use under bust wires for support, but use our knitting technology with compression and support zones to provide the support and compression required in the post-op bra.

These features make our bras extremely suitable for all types of surgery in the breast/chest area, e.g. mastectomy, lumpectomy and augmentation and also for reconstructive flap surgery, where skin, fat tissue and muscle are removed from the back, leaving the patient with an additional wound on the back to care for.

The no-seams advantage is achieved by the tubular knitting technology, where the bra is knitted in one full piece. The following sewing process only adds seams in the strap area, at the piping in the armpits, and if the bra has front opening there will be seams in this area. However, the bra is designed in such manner that none of these seams will be contacting the surgical area. This is an important advantage when comparing seamless bras to cut-and-sew bras where there may be seams located at the surgical site.

Comparison between Carefix seamless post-op bra to competing bras.

The following photos illustrate that competing cut-and-sew post-op bras have seams in critical places, where the Carefix post-op bra does not.

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