Technology used in Tytex production

Tytexi technology platform is focused on warp and weft technology. This results in semi-finished products and fabrics that fit the body.

There is a daily commitment to improving these techniques in all medical textiles produced, resulting in.

that all products in the company’s portfolio meet the four keywords:

4-way stretch

The material adapts naturally to the contours of the patient’s body.

This property is extremely important in medical textiles as it ensures that the product has the adequate compression needed for recovery. It also ensures the best possible comfort for long-term wear.

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The operated area needs rest for optimal recovery. That’s why all products are designed so that no stitching is used in the area of wounds, scars or other critical areas. This ensures maximum skin-friendliness and prevents pressure marks and irritation of the skin and its tissues.

In other words: 100% seamless weaving means faster healing, less scarring and greater patient comfort.

Directional compression/fixation

Directional compression or fixation means that products are designed to provide the compression or fixation needed exactly where it is needed.

Controlling the compression of tissues speeds up the healing process and increases patient comfort. Compression zones specifically designed for each product.

Actual values

When it comes to medical textiles and post-operative clothing, one size does not fit all. Product sizes are therefore based on the following:

  1. Body knowledge – Statistical and proven body scans and measurements are used to measure products.

  2. Measurement of elongation of elasticity – over-measurement of the finished product.

  3. Extensive knowledge and experience in combining different weaving techniques for different sizes ensures the right fit.

The combination of these three parameters always ensures a perfect fit.

All Tytex products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means that none of the company’s products contain harmful substances.

In addition, the company holds the following certificates: CE (Class I), ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, SEDEX, FDA (USA), SF.

DA (China), PZN (Germany),
PDA (Germany),
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