Carefix post-operative bras – Functionality is paramount, feminine appearance is important.

A post-operative bra that supports and improves the outcome of the surgery, speeds up the healing process and offers comfortable recovery is strongly recommended after breast cancer surgery. While functionality is the most important factor, the aesthetic appearance of the bra should not be underestimated, as it increases compliance with the recommended rehabilitation and increases women’s sense of “normality”.

Focus on the psychological aspect.

In previous years, the focus in breast surgery has been on the effective removal of cancerous tissue, rather than ensuring the post-operative appearance of the breast and the aesthetic appearance of the post-operative bra. While the complete eradication of cancer should always be a top priority, breast surgeons and nurses are now also paying more attention to a woman’s post-operative appearance.

The psychological impact of cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgical, medical and radiotherapy treatment is huge and plays a key role in the approach to women. In light of this, surgeons and nurses are trying to preserve a woman’s femininity and make her feel less ill during treatment. It is becoming increasingly important for women to feel feminine and attractive during treatment, with or without a post-operative bra, to avoid the devastating effects of the negative body image associated with cancer and cancer treatment.

Better design increases treatment compliance.

Focusing on the post-operative appearance after any type of breast surgery will increase overall adherence to treatment. Women are more likely to wear a post-operative bra recommended by their doctor if it is as similar as possible to a standard female bra. This will help a woman to further improve her perceived attractiveness and body image.

Invisible” design is important.

Usually, wide shoulder straps are preferred to lighten and support the bust, but also to avoid pressure marks and friction that can cause irritation on the shoulders. In order for a woman to feel as if she is wearing a normal bra, rather than a medical bra, and to improve aesthetic appearance, it is crucial that the bra does not show through the underwear.

All Carefix bras have wide shoulder straps to prevent friction and support the treated breast or breasts. At the same time still ensuring that they are not too wide and are positioned in the best possible way so as not to be visible under clothing, while still providing the ultimate in comfort.

Another important aspect of using a post-operative bra is that the edges of the cup should not be visible under a shirt or blouse. Carefix bra cups are manufactured according to a principle where the priority is that the cup should cover the entire treatment area to ensure a better healing process and support. However, both the design and production of the basket also take into account that they do not stick out from the neckline of the shirt or blouse and other places.

When it comes to cosmetic breast surgery (breast augmentation, reduction or lift), a post-operative bra should make a positive contribution to a woman’s new breast appearance. In many cases, the addition of lace can be enough to give a bra a feminine look. Some Carefix bras designed for use after breast augmentation have a small lace band attached for this purpose.

On the other hand, there are cases where friction between the lace and the skin can cause discomfort. This is often the case after radiotherapy, breast cancer and reconstructive surgery. In this case, Carefix laceless bras are suitable.

Colours – yes, please!

A relatively new requirement is that bras must be black. Despite the fact that dirt and body fluids are easier to detect on a white bra, the demand for black bras is increasing. This is because black makes a woman look less sickly, while a white bra makes her look pale, frail and weak. In addition, the colour white is associated with the medical and hospital environment because of its hygienic appearance, while black is perceived as a more ‘sophisticated’ colour, less associated with hygiene and clinical conditions.

In the Carefix range of bras, all models are available in both black and white. Some models are also available in beige, so that the bras are less associated with a medical and more with a conventional and healthy look.

Tested by women

All Carefix bras have been tested on patients for both comfort of use and aesthetic appearance before being released for production. Based on the feedback received, elements that may contribute to negative body contours are corrected or removed, while ensuring that post-operative fixation, compression and support remain the same.

All of these initiatives help us to reaffirm that purpose is paramount, and that feminine and attractive appearance is also important.

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